Leo Hayden

Leo Hayden

Property Investment Consultant

About Leo Hayden

Leo is an avid enthusiast of property, dedicating his time to the study of works such as “Property Magic,” “The BRRR Method,” and “The Property Handbook.” In his role as an investor, Leo is committed to aiding individuals from diverse backgrounds in formulating their personalised investment strategies, recognising the unique nature of each individual’s financial objectives. While Leo acknowledges the critical importance of selecting the right property in the correct location, he emphasises that property investment encompasses a broader spectrum of considerations.


He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the array of tools available for tax minimisation and revenue optimisation, recognising that time constraints can make it challenging for busy investors to undertake such research independently. Leo’s primary responsibility is to identify and implement the most appropriate tools for each investor’s unique circumstances, with the overarching objective of maximising profitability and fostering the development of a substantial property portfolio.


Leo’s current area of focus revolves around safeguarding against the implications of inflation and discouraging the hoarding of cash. For those embarking on their journey as first-time property buyers, Leo encourages them to peruse his LinkedIn profile to gain insights into the straightforward nature of entering the property market, dispelling common misconceptions that might create unnecessary anxiety, please click here to connect with Leo.


Beyond his passion for property investment, Leo maintains an affinity for literature, travel, sports, and occasional meditation, which he considers essential for preserving his equilibrium. He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to connect with you via phone, where he can gain a comprehensive understanding of your investment objectives and determine the investment strategy that aligns most effectively with your financial goals, feel free to email Leo at Leo@advantageinvestment.co.uk.

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