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At Advantage Real Estate and Investments, we provide a wide range of services to both Spanish and non-Spanish residents. Whether you’re looking to purchase real estate, sell your property, rent it out, find a rental, get a property valuation, or invest in new developments, we can help you. Our experienced team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire process, offering expert guidance and personalised support to meet your real estate needs.

Buying a house in Spain involves several key steps. Start by researching the market and setting a realistic budget. Hire a real estate agent to help you identify and negotiate suitable properties. Visit properties in person and perform legal and financial due diligence. Once you have chosen a property, sign a reservation contract and finalize the sale at the notary, ensuring proper registration in your name. Thorough research, collaboration with an agent, and careful consideration at every step are crucial to a successful real estate transaction in Spain. 

If you want to know more detailed information about How To Buy A House In Spain, you can download our property guides.

Marbella offers diverse and attractive areas for apartment buyers. Among the most notable, we can find: Puerto Banús, The Golden Mile, which has prestigious properties. Nueva Andalucía attracts golf enthusiasts, Elviria is family-friendly with beautiful beaches and Sierra Blanca offers exclusivity and panoramic views. Each area caters to different lifestyles, making Marbella a versatile destination for purchasing apartments.

You can obtain residency in Spain through the “Golden Visa” program. By investing a certain amount in Spanish real estate, you may qualify for a residency permit, allowing you to live and work in Spain.

Several factors should be considered when deciding to invest in a property in Marbella. These include the location, market trends and growth potential, rental demand and potential returns, the condition and value of the property, and any legal or regulatory considerations. Additionally, it’s important to assess your investment goals and financial capacity. Advantage Real Estate and Investments can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you make an informed decision based on these factors.

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