Jayne Barnabas

Jayne Barnabas

Operations Manager

About Jayne Barnabas

My name is Jayne, I am the office operations manager at Advantage Investment. I am responsible for coordinating the administration of the business. I have previously lived across the UK and abroad and picked up lots of people skills on the way. It was living in Greece where my investment knowledge came from due to working for and being in acquaintance with many investors.


I feel at Advantage Investment, our clients receive a much more trusting and friendly approach in comparison to a lot of other investment companies, with fabulous incentives for all staff and regular days out, we also have an amazing dartboard throw for anyone who has exceeded their expectations with some fabulous prizes and a few booby prizes of course (this is where the fun is at 😊). Due to this amazing working environment, I am excited to watch our company grow above and beyond.

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