Michael Eccleston

Michael Eccleston

Property Investment Consultant

About Michael Eccleston

Throughout Michael’s dynamic career, he has navigated various facets of the property industry, gaining significant expertise in short-term lettings, construction regulation, and property investment. His tenure at Sykes Holiday Cottages exemplified his exceptional proficiency in managing short-term lettings operations. By leveraging a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour, Michael optimised property performance, consistently exceeding revenue targets, and maintaining high occupancy rates across diverse portfolios.


In the realm of construction regulation, Michael served with distinction at the British Board of Agrément (BBA). Here, he adeptly navigated the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, ensuring that construction products and systems met the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. Through rigorous assessment and evaluation processes, Michael played a pivotal role in fostering trust and confidence within the construction industry, facilitating innovation while safeguarding public welfare.


At Advantage Investment, Michael capitalises on his comprehensive understanding of property dynamics to spearhead strategic property investment initiatives. With a discerning eye for identifying lucrative opportunities and mitigating risks, he assumes a key role in acquiring and managing a diversified portfolio of properties. Michael’s astute financial acumen, coupled with a proactive approach to market analysis, positions him to deliver impressive returns on investment while cultivating enduring partnerships with stakeholders.


Fueled by a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Michael is poised to continue making a profound impact across the real estate landscape. His diverse skill set and unparalleled dedication to success solidify his standing as a driving force in the industry.

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