Katie Clare

Katie Clare

Marketing Executive

About Katie Clare

Katie is the marketing executive a Advantage. With a diverse background in marketing across various sectors such as recruitment and baked goods, Katie brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her journey at Advantage has provided her with valuable insights into the dynamic property industry, allowing her to seamlessly apply her broad marketing expertise.


Katie’s academic background, in which she studied and achieved a first-class honours degree in business management, enables her to skilfully leverage her knowledge and abilities, enhancing her effectiveness in the marketing domain. Her keen attention to detail and creative flair are evident in the meticulous approach she takes towards her daily tasks. Every day at Advantage presents Katie with ample opportunities for learning and development, aspects she enthusiastically embraces. The challenges and opportunities inherent in the property industry fuel her passion for growth.


Since joining Advantage at the beginning of 2023, Katie has been an integral part of the team during a period of remarkable business expansion. Together with the marketing team, she contributed to achieving the prestigious Best Marketing for a Property Consultancy/Agency in Merseyside award from the International Property Awards. This achievement not only reflects the excellence of Advantage’s marketing efforts but also stands as a significant milestone in Katie’s personal career, a testament to her dedication and hard work.


Outside of her professional commitments, Katie is an avid traveller, exploring new destinations armed with her camera and drone to capture unique moments. Whether within the UK or abroad, she finds joy in discovering interesting places. Weekends are dedicated to long walks and invigorating bike rides, reflecting Katie’s belief in maintaining an active lifestyle for focus at work and a clear mind outside of it.

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