Jake Sass

Jake Sass

Property Investment Consultant

About Jake Sass

Jake has been entrenched in the sales industry for over 9 years, spanning various sectors and continents. This extensive journey has honed his ability to comprehend and cater to each client’s distinct needs.


With a solid 5-year background in property across the UK, Dubai, and Australia, Jake brings forth a wealth of knowledge. His expertise aids in navigating and optimising property portfolios for maximum profitability.


Specialising in property investments has transformed Jake into an authoritative figure in the field. His adeptness allows him to guide investors towards informed and prosperous decisions.


Despite his dedication to property investments, Jake harbours a passion for sports and travelling. Having traversed 4 continents and explored over 30 countries, he attributes much of his expertise to these diverse experiences.


For those seeking guidance in property investments, whether newcomers or seasoned investors, Jake warmly invites you to reach out at +44 (0)151 452 0929 or via email at jake@advantageinvestment.co.uk.

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